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A history of women designers and consumers from 1900 to the present day


Throughout the history of design, women have been overlooked or overshadowed, their work frequently sidelined or credited to their male peers. Women in Design offers a comprehensive introduction to women’s legacies in the fields of architecture, craft, fashion, furniture, interior, product, textile and graphic design, and a vital corrective to male-centric histories of design.


Leading design writer and historian Anne Massey considers the struggle for design education and employment, the early prevalence of women ‘behind the scenes’, the rise of women-led fields such as interior design and the design activism of the late twentieth century, drawing together the work of women designers from May Morris to Elsa Schiaparelli, Anni Albers to Zaha Hadid. With over 150 images across seven chapters, Women in Design is an important, accessible contribution to the history of design from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Women in Design (World of Art) by Anne Massey

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