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Dear FiLs,


A few days ago we woke up to devastating news. Our store had a water leakage from a broken pipe, leaving some of our favorite books unrecognizable and even beyond repair. As we turned the soggy pages to check our books one by one, we would believe you if you told us some of it was caused by our tears.


While putting our store back in order, we saw an unprecedented amount of support from you. One by one, our amazing visitors reached out, wishing us well and asking how you could help. In the midst of picking up the pieces of our hearts, your care reminded us why we do what we do and helped us to emerge stronger.


We care about giving our books a new home, even if they've been through some rough waters. Following your suggestions on social media, we categorized the books that have gotten a little wet and wavy to based on the level of damage -Very Damaged, Moderately Damaged, and Slightly Damaged- and gave each category a corresponding discount.

That being said, if you have a counter offer, feel free to drop a mail to about your request and budget. We'd love to find a way to get our books in your loving hands.


With your support, we know that brighter days are ahead. Thank you very much for your interest.




cemre & FiLBooks family

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