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About FiLBooks 

FiLBooks is found by​ Turkish photographer and visual story teller Cemre Yeşil Gönenli in 2015. Initially, it was a bookshop, a workshop and a cafe in Karaköy, Istanbul. 

In 2017 we became a small publishing house and published books by Cemre and other artists.  We have also co-published books with other international publishers. 

We are interested to explore photographic images and philosophies of the image that is invested in photographic and printed production.  We aim to create a collaborative space or a hub for arts that focuses mainly on photography and photo books. So far we have organized and hosted many workshops, book launches and artist talks.

Cemre produces photobooks and enjoys giving critical input to the photographic works of other people​,  in terms of visual narrative, concept development and editing. She lectures in MA Photography Falmouth University and Istanbul Bilgi University.

This webpage is initiated both for distributing books made by Cemre or published by FiLBooks. In addition, FiLBooks Online launched online mentorship programs on photographic and artistic production. Also this site works as an online store that invites you to go through the book shelfs in our bookstore in Karakoy, Istanbul. 

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