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Language: Italian


Bruno Munari, that is: creativity through his most important works, the tale of ideas and objects for the 90 years of his life. From his very first experiences with Marinetti and the “Secondo Futurismo” to the theoretical experimentations on the concept of “negativo-positivo” to the creative workshops for children to the historical graphic works for publishers such as Einaudi, Domus, Bompiani and many others: Munari’s imagination and genius flip through the pages of this book.

Not only an artist, not simply a designer, not teacher by profession: Munari was a poet of the things who cannot be pigeon-holed in a category of the Contemporary: his works are “open” to every public who wants and is able to wonder.

Marco Romanelli presents Munari through a personal reading of his ideas and projects, aware that “about Munari even the verb telling does not work. Munari is a world one can only enter”.

This book originally derives from the homonymous exhibition at the Tokyo Shiodomeitalia Creative Center, produced by La Triennale di Milano in collaboration with CLAC, Cantù.

This publication in Italian, made by Corraini Edizioni in collaboration with Triennale Design Museum, makes it an autonomous book celebrating Munari along with the several exhibitions all over the world on the occasion of the centenary year of his birth.

Marco Romanelli, architect, has been for a long time president of the Association Jacqueline Vodoz et Bruno Danese, within which he had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Bruno Munari.
Editor at Domus from 1986 to 1994 and at Abitare from 1995 to 2007, he works since 1988 with Marta Laudani, with whom he curated several projects of exhibit design.

Vietato l'ingresso Agli Addetti al Lavoro by Marco Romanelli

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