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<Media omitted> is a series of cross-processed double exposures that show the "what-if"s of a relationship – a tasteful mismatch that retraces what went wrong. A chemical solution as a temporary solution for a relationship doomed to disappear – contrasting with the very medium of analog photography.


Just like the short-lived relationship itself,  the analog camera he gifted to me was broken. It was only

when I took it to get it repaired that I realized he forgot a half-used film inside. I had to make a grim choice – I can use the film and find my own images double exposed with the ones I was trying to forget.





<Media omitted> by Cagla Demirbas

FiLBooks, 2024

Published in Istanbul

Visual Editor:  Cemre Yesil Gonenli

Assistant: Yigit Aksan

14.85 x 21cm

Edition of 35

<Media omitted> by Cagla Demirbas

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