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Giant fluffy honeybees, dad jokes from God, and a mountain of perplexing paperwork populate this illustrated book about an intern in heaven who is determined to solve the world's least pressing problems.


We all agree evolution is a good thing, but why does it have to take so bloody long? A few million years to go from fins to feet just isn't quick enough in this age of immediate software updates, drone deliveries, and canned whipped cream. People want change, and they want it NOW.


Enter Abby, an intern assigned to Heaven's newly formed Updates Team. While The Boss takes care of the big stuff, Abby's tasked with reviewing hundreds of feedback forms from the recently deceased. Her job: to assess which suggestions should be put into production. Should humans have collapsible skeletons? How many ants does it take to carry a middle-aged woman to Costco? Are we ready to try self-generated meat? When she's not evaluating the wild but well-intentioned suggestions of disgruntled former denizens of Earth, Abby is dodging dad jokes from The Boss, learning about the past lives of her cubicle mates, and wondering if she made a good impression on Jonty from Emotional Engineering. And although her eager attitude and proactive working style is appreciated, she may have overstepped the mark with flamingos. . .

Fixing Flamingos by Lucienne Brown & Brian Rea

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