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Suzy Lee is back with a new book that goes back a long way, to Vivaldi and his Four Seasons to be precise. The Korean author has chosen to put summer on paper, with its sunny days, water games, as well as sudden storms and cloudy skies.The orchestra goes on stage, sets up and... the show begins! On the white pages, the musicians play, concentrated and enthralled, and the children play in the warm summer afternoon. An afternoon that follows, unpredictable and changing, the three movements with which Vivaldi set this season to music: soon the wind picks up, a downpour breaks out, and then the sun comes out again. In a pyrotechnic yet masterfully balanced explosion, Suzy Lee leads us through pages that evoke Vivaldi's music and make it ring in the ears of the reader (and viewer): Estate's pages are wordless, but anything but silent. The images, which play the leading role, are accompanied by a basic text that echoes and updates the sonnet that accompanied this Vivaldi composition, in a version that can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages.

A book in which Suzy Lee's ability to narrate a well-known story in a new and original way - as she did in Alice in Wonderland - is combined with the style loved by readers all over the world since the Trilogia del limite, made up of sharp lines, contrasting colours and different techniques that come together on the page.

Estate by Suzy Lee

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