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This project about the Afro-Turkish community in Turkey started in 2006. In collaboration with the Afro-Turkish foundation, an extraordinary archive consisting of portraits of the Afro-Turkish community was created. Each year, during the annual picnic, imagery from this archive is being exposed between the trees. In 2018 we went back to Turkey to translate the story of the Afro-Turkish community into images, words and music. The fruits of this journey where displayed at Het Compagnietheater.


Graphic Design: Future Anectodes İstanbul

Research: Erik Vroons

Assistance: Deniz Güzel, Kerem Yılmaz, Emrah Karakurum, Hasan Karaaslan, Ela Köseoğlu

Proofreading: Nicola Lashley


Ofset Yapımevi, İstanbul 

Darkmoon by Ahmet Polat

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