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In a bright September morning the publisher* visits Munari to ask him for something cheerful. They talk about this and that and reject many purposes. A cubic sphere? too breakable; a Milanese crèche? too much saffron; an origami made of silk? too many pleats. So, what about a Panettone? too many raisins. The best is a wishes book! Not banal at all. A very original idea, indeed! Munari snaps to it, and decides to enter the Guinness World Records: seven (7) days later the book is ready.


HOW TO USE IT As the title suggests, this little book is excellent to give your best wishes to relatives, friends, neighbours or anybody you wish. Since it is written in (almost) every language of the world, you will also have (almost) no possibility to make mistakes or blunders in giving it as a present to your most distant friends. A very light and compact little book to have in your pocket at any time: a gift and an artists’ book all in one.


*The publisher mentioned here by Munari is not Corraini, but Gerardo and Fabio at NodoLibri, who published this book for the first time in 1994.

Contanti Affettuosissimi Auguri by Bruno Munari

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