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The arrival of a new, small family member has always been something that
destabilizes older sisters and brothers. The very young protagonist of this
book is no exception and does not hesitate to voice his puzzlement over this
little brother with an unusual name -his very name is Blue- and his appearance so
singular. In fact, Blu has a face that resembles a blueberry, or perhaps ... a prune! To make matters worse, he has no teeth (but no dentures!), howls like a mermaid, and would appear to have a tail! But fortunately children grow up, stretch, adjust themselves until they become wonderful-or do they?

A book that is a perfect gift for every new parent, grandparents and uncles
struggling with little brothers and sisters who look with curiosity and a little physiological jealousy at the newcomer and his quirky characteristics!


Andrea Giulia Militello signs an ironic book characterized by a strong stroke and declined in the colors of white, black, mustard and, of course, blue.

Blu! by Andrea Giulia Militello

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