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It’s a book about alcoholism. Most of us drink regularly, without acknowledgement of our little habit as an addiction. This book brings you to the bottom of this issue – to a strange place, called Labour Treatment Profilactorium for Alcohol and Drug addicted. First you open a real metal cage, with a risk to damage yourself. Then you get inside it, by opening a cover with a tattoo on it. The book is a surrealistic travel through the closed space, full with propaganda Soviet art, witnessing the men with the lost faces. Reading their postcards with postmodernist monologues and insane collages, getting an endless set of rules of this place, including all the details how to dispose of your body afterwards. In the end you have to fill the release form, where you have to describe your own behavior. Now the travel is complete. Background story: The first Labour Treatment Profilactoria appeared in the USSR in 1967 within the territory of Kazakhstan. In the future, the system of LTP was actively used for the forced isolation of persons suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, or those who were disturbing public order and rules "of the socialist way of life."

Welcome to LTP by Irina Popova

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