It is a book about alcoholism. Most of us drink regularly, without any acknowledgement of our little habit as an addiction. This book will transport you to the bottom of this issue – to a strange place called the Labour Treatment Profilactorium for the Alcohol and Drug addicted. Before you can begin you must open a real metal cage, with the risk that you might damage yourself. Once inside you can open the tattooed skin of the front cover and begin your journey! The book is a surreal voyage, taking you through a closed space filled with artistic Soviet propaganda while also witnessing the occupants with their lost faces. You will read their postcards of postmodernist monologues and insane collages and get a taste of the endless set of rules that govern this place (including all the details of how to dispose of your body should the worst happen). Before you can leave the nightmare behind you must fill in the release form, where you will need to describe your own behaviour. And finally your journey is complete.

Welcome to LTP by Irina Popova