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What are the favourite activities of creatives? Make things difficult, for instance, or do something new in an old way, or add more, until you can not... One activity for each page, 16 sentences and everyday situations are visually re-defined by Frank Chimero in a style close to 50s and 60s masters such as Saul Bass and Paul Rand.


Frank Chimero is an illustrator and graphic designer in Missouri, USA. His clients include the New York Times, Business Week, Starbucks, and Good Magazine. Frank tries to recapture the sense of optimism, playfulness and heart characteristic of the mid-century. He believes in simplicity, honesty, humor, enthusiasm and air guitar solos. He’s particularly interested in the creative process, and how to integrate happiness into it, for both his own enjoyment and the delight of the audience. Sometimes, he teaches design foundations and typography at Missouri State University.

Un Sedicesimo 8 by Frank Chimero

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