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This is a book that should never fall into the hands of children, for it is filled with the darkest truths about life that might unbearably depress the young. However, for the older ones among us, this is a book full of solace, humour and relief.


In a charming, naively illustrated tale, we follow the adventures of Bunny - a version of all of us - as he encounters a series of obstacles that we may well recognise from our own lives.


Watching poor Bunny, we end up delighted that we are not alone, and perhaps smiling darkly in sympathy with his sorrows. Children might even have the odd peek inside if they dare.


This book follows Bunny through his adult life as he experiences:

  • Finding a job
  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Comparing himself to others
  • Hearing bad news
  • Facing death

Things Never to Tell Children by The School of Life

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