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The Silence of Dogs in Cars', 96pp, cloth spine, 156mm x 196mm. Photography by Martin Usborne. With an introduction by Lucy Davies.


Once left in a car, for a short while as a young kid, Martin remembers the feeling that no-one might come back. Around about the same time he identified and fell in love with dogs - they were also silent, just as he felt in the car. A few decades later the two memories fused into this strangely melancholic but also subtly humorous project.

These cinematic photographs of dogs in cars, taken mostly at night, reveal an emotional honesty that only animals can express. Behind the dogs’ eyes are feelings that humans so often avoid: the fear of being alone, the uncertainty
of the unknown, but also a certain hope that can be found in silence. 

This work previously appeared in a large format book published by Kehrer Verlag.

Martin Usborne is a photographer based in London and also co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press.

This is the first edition

The Silence of Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne

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