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Revised and updated, this edition of The Photography Handbook provides an introduction to the principles of photographic practice and theory and offers guidelines for the systematic study of photographic media. Including a new chapter on the ethics of photojournalism, and an expanded chapter on digital photography, as well as a new section on research in photography, The Photography Handbook includes: new case studies of the war photographer James Nachtwey photographic representations of Marilyn Monroe and Adolf Hitler an analysis of photographic theory and the 'Bert is Evil' website an introduction to conceptual skills necessary for photography the historical background and rationale for photographic representation the camera as a documentary tool interviews with editors, photographers, picture editors and readers the effect of new technologies on photographic practice and an exploration of the shift from analogue to digital imagery over seventy images. Each chapter now ends with a useful summary of its key points, and equip the reader with a vocabulary for photographic phenomena and help develop visual awareness and visual literacy. The Photography Handbook will enable students to familiarize themselves with current theoretical viewpoints and to evolve critical frameworks for their own photographic practice.

The Photography Handbook (Second Edition) by Terence Wright

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