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"This was my first body of work. It focuses on the vitality of personal relationships and the importance of sentimentality and intimacy which I found myself exploring after the experience of my father’s suicide attempt. I became able to see the social and intimate functions of the photography genuinely through focusing on the nostalgia of pure childhood days and perhaps more honest relationships.


Making these photographs were a way of collecting loss while exploring a very deep bond that I have with my mother. Also, this was an exploration and a questioning of the essence of home, childhood and growing up. How we are building the place that we call home? What happens to us if we lose our home? Or, can we lose our home? Can it be replaced? What is the meaning of growing up and belonging somewhere? Are we belong to our memories or dreams?"  -  Anı Ekin Özdemir

Summer Was Over by Anı Ekin Özdemir

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