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A humorous go-to guide for making all sex positions as easy and effortless as possible so you can get more bang for your f*ck.


Featuring fifty positions, as well as hilarious and helpful tips and tricks for staying lazy while doing it, Sex for Lazy People has it all-whether you've had a busy day, have just eaten a big meal, or just generally hate moving.


Having trouble doing it standing up? Wear some grippy socks.


Having trouble putting your all into it? Turn up the AC, so you have to get friskier to stay warm.

Having trouble balancing work and a sex life? Quit your job.


With positions like The Understudy, The Kids are Sleeping, The Slip 'n' Slide, The Benchwarmer, and The Easy Button, you'll never have to get up to get off ever again!

Sex for Lazy People by Ginny Hogan

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