Romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their favorite photographs.

Both amateurs and professionals were invited to take part in the project. The entries were curated by founder Joscha Bruckert and published annually. Romka started as an online magazine in late 2008. More than 300 photos and stories from 45 countries have been featured since and can be viewed in the archive.


Romka #8 features photos and stories by Aaron McElroy, Alex Thebez, Anna Walker, Bradley Peters, Brian St. Denis, Christian Patterson, Darja Nagel, Dragana Damjanovic-Schachner, Elisabeth Jayot, Hans-Christian Schink, Harry Griffin, Jan Adriaans, Jason Fulford, Jason Lazarus, Juan Pablo Garza, Lena Guimont, Lindsay Varvari, Marcel Casado, Mariken Wessels, Matt Colquhoun, Mikal Strøm, Nathanael Turner, Peter Watkins, Robert Häusser, Robin Schwartz, Roxana Azar, Ruth van Beek, Shauna Greyerbiehl, Stine Sampers, Thomas Hauser, and Zachary Norman.


Romka #8 - The Stories Behind Our Favourite Photographs by Romka Magazine