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A fresh approach to matters of the heart, Relationships offers practical skills and new attitudes for a more mature vision of love. 


Since around 1750, we have been living in the era of Romanticism, which has shaped the way we approach love, marriage, and sex. When it comes to love, this book argues, Romanticism has been a disaster. 


Full of real-life examples, lively humor, and cultural anecdotes, Relationships teaches us: 


  • That love and sex may not always go together (and that's OK)
  • That discussing money early on, in a serious way, is not a betrayal of love
  • That acknowledging respective flaws can be a couple's superpower
  • That we will never find everything we need in another person
  • That spending two hours discussing whether bathroom towels should be hung up or can be left on the floor has its own dignity


With wisdom, wit, and compassion, this innovative guide paves the way to a new, brighter future for love.

Relationships by Alain de Botton

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