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Problemata Physica One is the first publication of Ojha Books. It includes works by some of the great photographers featured on the webblog Problemata Physica" over the past years, as well as an essay by Andy Adams of Flak Photo. The zine is as handcrafted as possible, featuring embossing and thread stitching. The edition is 200 and each issue will be hand-numbered.

Photographers: Collin Avery, Jordan Baumgarten, Miklos Boros, Karianne Bueno, Ricardo Cases, André Cepeda, Andres Gonzalez, Gregory Halpern, Cosima Hanebeck, Ben Huff, Ani Kington, You Li, Eamon Mac Mahon, Nina Poppe, William Rugen, Andy Sewell, Maurice Van Es.

Problemata physica is a webblog on photography founded by Michael Schröder and Stefan Steins in 2010.

Problemata Physica One by Michael Schröder

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