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«Benoît Grimalt sets himself the challenge to reconstruct the last photograph of a film reel before its development in a drawing. Several attempts at this mean he is able to get his doubts, hesitations and oversights out the way. If a photo renders a situation static, a drawing allows for adjustments, for a slightly different frame, a different position. Drawings show how a photograph might have been moments later... Through this work, Benoît Grimalt questions the relationship between image and memory. Photography contributes to the construction of the latter, producing images that testify to forgotten moments... This technique of using drawings to recover moments allows Grimalt to further refine his reasons for attempting
to remember, leaving behind the superfluous and the inevitable dross. One day, a visitor told Benedict Grimalt that it was certainly «the image more than the photography» that interested him. Doubtless, had was not wrong. Through both photography and drawing Benoît Grimalt enriches his personal collection, creating the perfect picture album dedicated to beautiful things.»


Marylène Malbert

Photos-Souvenirs by Benoît Grimalt

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