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"Photo-reportage is a means of expressing oneself more through images than words. The images can be sculpted, drawn or photographed, the medium isn't important. The urgent needs of modern publishing have turned the cameraman's chisel into a camera. In the past, to see the story narrated on the Trojan Column everyone had to go to Rome. Nowadays that column has become a roll of negatives of which the most distant reader can receive a copy at home." --Bruno Munari


First published in 1944, Bruno Munari's Fotocronache, here translated into English, was and remains one of the finest, most amusing, and most significant lessons on the uses of photography for communication. With his charming, generous wit and inimitable perceptive abilities, Munari offers a zinging analysis of the power of the image--as a communicator of specific knowledge and a site into which completely other knowledge can be read.

Photo-Reportage by Bruno Munari

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