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Love is one of the most difficult things to photograph, yet this anthology of moving, unexpected images captures the heart of what it means to know and love another. From first love to lost love, these intimate portraits express the tenderness and vulnerability, passion and patience of this powerful emotion. Challenging our perceptions of relationships in the 21st century, this joyful celebration of love beautifully depicts the deep connections between partners of all genders, between friends, siblings, parents and children, and communities. 



This book features the work of:  Curtis Hughes, Deanna Dikeman, Lisa Sorgini, Lucas Bori, Ed Templeton, Erica Reade, Hilary Gauld, Leah Monsour, Jess T. Dugan, Andreas Reeg, Marna Clarke, Magnus Holmes, Matt Weber, Mikaël Theimer, Karen Rosetzsky, Megan K Eagles, Richard Renaldi, Roland Schmid, Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom, Mirja Maria Thiel, Sophie Harris-Taylor, Maureen Drennan, and Paddy Summerfield.

Love Story by Rachel Segal Hamilton

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