with text by Christian Caujolle


"Since he began photography in 2001, Ali Taptik engages in chronic mid-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of his own life in Istanbul. Through his portraits of people or places, he reinvents special atmosphere, its own history ... In this series started in 2004, Ali Taptik explores possible links between accident and destiny - hence the title Kaza ve Kader. Between the element of chance and fate, he questioned the action of man on the course of his life. His work is in a dialectic of opposites, in a thin gap between the inside and outside, between the private and the public. Inner space, outside space, whose boundaries are blurred, in which he sailed in an incessant comings and goings. Photographs of Ali Taptik so are windows on the world inside a mirror."

Kaza ve Kader by Ali Taptık


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