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“I took these photographs before the turn of the century while travelling across Europe and the United States. My eye was good-hearted. The time that pass passed since then is, at least, something we all have in common. At the time I was astonished. I still am.” – cover text by JH Engström.


JH Engström is one of those photographers who introduced the Swedish photography in the world of contemporary art over the past decade. Since his success with the book Trying to Dance that Robert Frank praised so much, J.H. Engström has received numerous awards and has published numerous books, including From Back Home with his friend Anders Petersen.
Today, J.H. Engström is back with images taken in his youth and offers us a moving “road trip” through Europe and the United States in the last century, seen through the always amazed eye of the photographer.

JH Engström- Ende Und Anfang Early Trips by JH Engström

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