The photographer Devin Yalkin says he wants people to hear his images, as if they have the ability to capture the low-fi, temporal hum of city life, leaving only a grainy black-and-white memory as evidence. He is a black & white reportage photographer who received his BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, NY. As a first generation Turkish-Armenian-American, Yalkin’s images display the parallels he has captured shooting between New York City and various cities of his heritage in Turkey, primarily in Istanbul. His book “I’ll See You Tomorrow, Until I Can’t” by Sun publications is a reflection of his ephemeral encounters. In a diaristic format, the book features 49 black and white photographs taken over the course of three years, primarily in New York and Istanbul, and other places in between.  Yet, Yalkin turns the notion of a diary in its everydayness on its head, as the scenes he captures are anything but quotidian. In this way, his work oscillates between the familiar and what can be perceived as otherworldly, and in some instances spectral.

I’ll See You Tomorrow, Until I Can’t by Devin Yalkin


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