‘I’m often scared of my emotions becoming bigger than myself, larger than the physicality of my body... What if one day out of the blue I explode in a fit of rage, of fearless feminine rage.  How satisfying that might feel, but how scary, to tear the screen of acceptable behaviour.’ 

-Clare Bottomley, in a poignant essay accompanying the book ‘I’ll be late tonight’.


The book is based on Roxana Savin’s autobiographical project, created while she lived in a gated expatriate residence in Russia and it’s a reflection on isolation, family, love and status of women in contemporary society. 


The project was shortlisted at Untitled Dummy Awards Russia 2020, FORMAT21 and nominated among best projects of 2020 by PhMuseum. Now available for sale in FiLBooks. 

I'll be late tonight by Roxana Savin