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The background of the project is Franz Kafka’s short story ‘A Hunger Artist’ that tells the story of a starving artist that keeps his practice with the same (or maybe more) passion even after the public’s interest diverges to different and new forms of amusement.


You are a photographer.


You are a starving artist.


The art you chose is, as a starting point, a practice that had its golden days in past times. Its very own status as art is sometimes put in check. The hype and the new forms of art and amusement might divert part of the crowd’s interest away.


Even though it is each time more difficult to define what is “photography”, if you define yourself as a “photographer”, you are doing it for passion and necessity.

Hunger artists don’t choose to do their art. They must do it. For themselves. For their passion.

Hunger & ' A Hunger Artist' by Void Publishing House

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