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This publication was created during the workshop »In between photographs« by DER GREIF, held at FiLBooks in Istanbul, May 15 to 17, 2015. It contains images as well as image-combinations by Arzu Arbak Berke Doganoglu Sofie Puttfarken Bianca Valenti, Dilara Arisoy, Esra Kent, Ceren Saner, Cemre Yesil. The workshop provided a new approach to editing and presenting single photographic images in different contexts (both for publications and exhibitions), to sequencing them and to developping artistic approaches with photographic archives. DER GREIF encouraged the participants to collaborate and exchange in order to create new approaches to working with photographic images. By working not only with their own images, but with the images of other photographers, the participants were able to develop a different view onto their own work.

Der Greif: In Between Photographs

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