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Birds & Words is a vintage collection of 60 illustrations of birds and 60 humorous stories about each one. This book is a lovely reissue of the charming and highly collectible 1972 classic by Charley Harper.

Written and illustrated by the renowned illustrator. Harper's style has been referred to as "minimal realism."


  • Charley Harper was a prolific mid-century modern artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Each bird was hand-painted in Harper's signature style.
  • Birds & Words brings together the beloved illustrator's gifts as both an artist and a writer.

Charley Harper has illustrated numerous books, including the notable The Golden Book of Biology.

This new version of this vintage gem features a cloth-bound cover with a tipped in image alongside the original vintage typography.


  • A great book for fans of mid-century modern aesthetics, and for designers, bird lovers, minimal art, and those who adore all things Charley Harper
  • Giftable to a wide age range—from children to retirees, Charley Harper's charming illustrations and sweet stories appeal to all
  • Add it to the collection of books like Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham and Charley Harper and Smithsonian Handbooks: Birds of North America by Fred J. Alsop III

Charles Harper's Birds & Words by Charles Harper

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