"Here we are, beneath the ethereal veil of the ineffable lie, at the very bottom, lurking under your nightmarish dreams of ghettoized luxury, of comfort sheltered from the dangers of life. No, not here; there: even lower, even below, more inward. Look closely, but you will have to fight tooth and nail until you crash and burn. We are the accounting errors that will survive your financial Apocalypse. Our senses have been altered and our hunger for life was misguided. Our loves, too. We yell that in the open and rotten air of your megalopolis1 bottomlands. We send speechless cries, inaudible to your mics and invisible to your cameras. Soon, though, they will have the strength to shatter the windows that separate us from ourselves. Marketing fraud. Disappointment. Wandering. Blind quest. Stubborn child's gaze. Betrayed tenderness. Purgatory. Anger. Everything is there."

Blackout by Coşkun Aşar