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Öykü Önal’s photography book embodies traces from the ambiguous and veiled areas of her life. The quest that the artist started when she returned to his aunt’s summer house, where she spent her childhood summers, follows the pressures of growing up. Her photographs, which reveal her cynical attitude towards the idea of identity and her own identity - or its absence - make us question our conception of the intimate and the body. “Distress… I search for myself far away. The rest is silence, absence. My grandmother sits on the chair on which I am sitting now. She utters “There you are singing it!” I don’t know what I am humming. There is no such a song. Distress… My silence belongs to me.” (Öykü Önal)

Year: 2022 Size: 13×19 cm, 72 pages Edition: 500 

Apaçık Saklı by Öykü Önal

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