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Zeynep Beler, Emin Yu

Ata Kam [DESIGN]


[Zoom in]

A YouTube video. 2D view of a tub of ant sand. With impossible speed, the ants drill vertical, erratically branching tunnels. Their highways form a picture.

I know a girl who as a child had a babysitter that would switch the TV to a channel with no signal and tell her that the static was a documentary about ants. And the girl would watch that for hours.

[Scale into]

Cold defined as lack of heat but heat not defined as such. (Heat too much of a thing, cold too little.) Both states existing by the expedient of being pitted against one another. Reaching across the spectrum, a compromise of meaning.

Texture as the hissing sound of water on the pan. Entropy explained in five words. "You can’t stir things apart."

Squint and you can see.

[Invert your head]

The body of the ant as a square, migrating through the surface, as you microscale roughly four hundred times. (Split) Images (Repeat) form new dualities. (Line break.)

The constituents merge without disturbing.

[and out]

Limited edition 240 copy

Ant Sand

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