All the capital letters of the alphabet may be written using several basic strokes, straight and curved, common to each letter. The straight lines may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The curved lines may take various directions, or be closed, as with the « O ». This box contains a small series of these lines in soft plastic, with which a child can arrange every capital letter of the alphabet. He will learn, for instance, that the « R » is formed by a vertical, a curved and a diagonal line; that the « D » is formed by a vertical and a large curved line, etc. After learning the alphabet he may enjoy using more elements to make larger letters and a variety of other shapes. In 1960 Munari made for Danese ABC with imagination, a game in which he merged his attention for the world of children with his researches about multiples. 26 linear and circular elements can in fact make up any letter of the alphabet, or whatever the imagination suggests. These elements are also flexible and modular, so that they can be moved closer to each other or superimposed if you wish. It’s a creative way to approach reading and writing, but also to have fun by mixing up rules and shapes, inventing and re-inventing your own alphabet. On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, Corraini presents the reprint of this well-known game by Bruno Munari. After Aconà Biconbì and Plus and Minus, both by Munari too, the discovery of the domain of artists’ objects and games is carried on in order to develop still further this particular collection. Bruno Munari (1907-1998) has been no doubt the most eclectic Italian artist-designer. Since his very first experiences in the 30s among the artists of the Second Futurism, he always dedicated his creative activity to every form of “experimentation”, with particular attention to the world of children and their games and toys. His works in the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography, and didactics cross their languages and poetics following the path of his very personal inventiveness.

ABC con Fantasia by Bruno Munari


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